Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ar-Rasul's Companions


Something just got to me.

The Sahabas, they were the sweetest, kindest, most sensitive people in the world, weren't they?

They see what Rasulullah did and immediately follow, they were not short of paying back Rasulullah's kindest and sacrifices.

Never did they do less than what's ask of them, and never did they ask for more than what is given.

S-e-n-s-i-t-i-v-i-t-y. Really hard to acquire. For those who have it "built-in", praise Allah and preserve it in you. This is exactly what the sahabas had. They were sensitive to each and everything Rasulullah did to them, and couldn't bear to repay it with less.

But I guess most of us have lost it today. Rasulullah told us to be sensitive to our neighbours, we are sinful if we ate lunch and our neighbours are not having any. Don't talk about neighbours, we couldn't even care less if our housemates ate or not. And especially during exam season. Luck has it that today's my jadual masak! If not, tak yah harap la nak masak. I am not hungry so everyone else boleh makan sendiri. Heh. The attitude.

That's one aspect in life, there are many others. Some people might say, it's not that they're not sensitive, but the fact is people around them are not doing anything either to help. So there's nothing to repay.

Aaaahh.. self-actualization (yes nik..!) The sahabas have reached the highest point in Maslow's pyramid by following a 100% of what was revealed upon Rasulullah. The word "I" didn't even exist in their dictionaries. It was either "you", "them", "we" but never "I".

Remember the story during one of the wars where there was this one soldier who was badly wounded and thirsty and so he asked for water. As he was about to sip it, he heard the cry of his brother next to him who was also thirsty. He immediately gave the water to the soldier next to him, who heard another soldier next to him crying out of thirst too.. and so he did the same thing and so did the next, and the next, and the next.. until the bottle of water came back to the first soldier who had already martyr. And it seemed that the rest of the thirsty badly wounded soldiers had also martyred afterwards. This amazing story told me that a person, reaching self actualization, would sacrifice everything for the sake of others even if he is on his death bed.

Now this is what we call the human value. Not the crap implanted in our minds of how we should always insist on getting our rights accomplished, even if it causes a catastrophe unto others.

(I seriously dont know how to end this.. I'll let it be.. Hope that I truly become like the sahabas.)


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