Saturday, August 09, 2008


Asking for Allah's help? Wastainu bissobri wassolah. 2 things, patience and prayers. If these 2 can't help you,nothing can.. Reached the place I was heading for,bissalamah, alhmdulillah, and took a cab at a good price. Allah always have His ways to console the broken heart!


Anonymous said...

to my sis in Islam,

just be strong!!!

Allah will take care the rest...and always pray continously to HIM The Almighty.


raudah yunus said...

salam battah,
I believe your articles are good, but honestly I do not have much time to read em all.Anyway having you as a friend is enough as the message will get through.hehe.
See ya!

raudah yunus said...

AA.Keep the good work up! Ramadhan kareem..

Anonymous said...

~lamanya tak update.

gud luck in ur final exam!

ciKBat said...

salam raudah, May Allah enlighten you and the rest of the akhwat throughout the exams.. thanks for the moral support.. cant do without it.

anonymous.. heh, terpaksa tawaquf sebentar. 7-day week, hampir nak berakhir.. doakan exam ana ye!