Monday, April 20, 2009

Are we looking for democracy?

"Undi majoriti semata-mata tidak menjadikan keputusan tepat dan benar walaupun ia mungkin sah dari segi idari/pengurusan. Ini perbezaan antara syura dan demokrasi."
~Ustaz Abdullah Zaik

So are we looking for democracy? Or are we looking for justice? As a muslim, I know I'm in search for the truth, I'm struggling to bring back justice into this world. And justice is NOT equality, not in most cases.

Democracy may say that it's her rights to become a lesbian, and his rights to become gay.. Democracy may claim that women should be given the same rights as men, when they actually have different needs and different roles in the society. (Alan and Barbara Pease know better..)

In democracy, people vote against what they dislike (regardless of its relevance, the goodness it brings) and vote for what they like (even if it leads to destruction of civilization..)

We are living in the era of corrupted rights, the rights to do just whatever you want without giving thought towards the consequences it may lead to in the future. Democracy does not lead to sustainable developement.. No it doesn't..

No, I'm sure that I'm not looking for the man-made democracy.. I'm taking myself a step further, Why should i compromise for something less? Men and the biased laws and rules they make.

"Afahukmul jahiliyyati yabghun? wa man ahsanu minAllahi hukman li qaumi yuqinun..


Bohemian Virtuoso. said...

the last ayah is al-maidah:50 isnt it?

This is Tan Sri Penkt, bdak Alex.

Found out ur blog scara x sengaje. Samat ber"ho".. hehe

PemudaBerani said...

Greetings!!~I question your idea about democracy and how you're segregating your self from it (and from the masses). Do visit us over... :D

ciKBat said...

salam pemudaberani. insyaAllah i'll revisit the whole thing. would you care to answer.. what do you mean when you say i'm segregating myself from it (by not believing in it?) and THE MASSES? thanks in advance for the reply..