Saturday, June 06, 2009

Blogging : Credit for the hereafter


Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh.

I remember a blogger, who stopped blogging because he was sick of the blogging community where most people are only interested in sharing bits and pieces of what they eat today, where they shop tomorrow and what they think of that person's hat and this person's smile.. Heheh, he was all out to boycott the bloggers community.. He was pissed off by the fact that many bloggers wrote petty things which were supposed to be of personal concern rather that the whole world.. I agreed to some extent.

I got tired of reading publicized diaries too, so what i did was to forget about them, and go to blogs which are more meaningful, enlightening and informative. I don't think regressing from blogging altogether is the answer. And anyway, it IS a free country.. People can do whatever they want to do nowadays, especially since most people don't really hold on to any specific values. Publicly talk about your personal life, and deepest feelings.. Or remain mysterious, it's all up to you.

In islam however, whatever you do is accounted for, and there are specific guidelines which you need to abide in order to be on the right track. Islam states that everything you do should first be preceded by your intentions, "Innama el-A'malu binniyyah." Islam teaches us to try to make every single detail in life worthwhile, and this starts with a good, clean intention.

So why do you blog? What do you blog? Why do you blog what you blog? These are the questions which should always play in the minds of muslim bloggers, in order to not in the end spend the 30 minutes in your 24 hrs doing something absolutely meaningles.. (haba-an manthura)..

And why do you comment? How do you Comment? To whom the comment is directed? And what do you feel when people comment on your postings.. all these are small itsy bitsy stuffs which when taken good care of, could lead to big profit in the hereafter, adding points to your credit..

Allah knows best!


Anonymous said...

salam kak battah...cant agree more.. nak link kat status ni...

Fatimah Z Rosli said...

slm jojie.. bile nak turun rumah?

ainun said...

salam kak battah..huu banyak juga pendapat kak battah yang betul kat sini dan ana sendiri agak tergolong kot dalam jenis yang suka membebel tentang apa yang ada dalam hati dalam blog..kadang-kadang macam nak jadikan ia privacy bila kita check traffic dan tengok cam ramai yang masuk..bila orang komen kenapa lama dah x boleh bukak, ana pon off privacy..dalam hati selalu berbolak-balik nak bagi orang baca ke xnak..akibatnya blog ana bertukar2 switch on n off huu

p/s: mabruk wa barakallahu lakuma!! (waa hari tu akak kata nak anta kad tp x sampai pon kat rumah?)