Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Palestine updates


HasbunAllah wa ne'mal wakeel..........

1. Israel is going ahead with a new settlement project, despite US' repeated requests for it to stop all new settlements.

2. EU rejects to push the UN for recognition of a Palestinian state. Foreign Minister of Sweden--which currently holds the rotating presidency said "I would hope that we would be in a position to recognise a Palestinian state, but there has to be one first, so I think that is somewhat premature.." so right this very instant, there is no such state called Palestine, it has been totally wiped out from the UN Map.. when actually it is being occupied by Israelis, who in the first place have no country of their own to go back to if Palestinians were to free their country from the occupation..

3. Israel the big bully will only proceed with a "pre-agreed on" discussion with Palestine only Palestine is willing to go to the negotiation table without terms.. Only Israel and Israel alone sets terms. They set terms with America, EU, Pelstine, Middle East. But nobody, nobody else, when expecting to discuss with Israel, should come up with any terms whatsoever, or else be considered as undiplomatic, not wanting to negotiate, and interested only in provocating the vulnerable state of Israel.

4. Settlers (living on Palestinian land)throwstones at Palestinian boys and girls who go to school each day as the pass through the villages.. Aren't they supposed to show some gratitude? Come on, leave the Palestinians alone, you have done enough evacuating them from their land.. you still need to go on with the mental and physical torture...??? hasbunaAllah wane'malwakeel..

5. US House of Representatives voted condemnation against the Goldstone Report. 344-36 vote.. i wonder who the 36 were? were they for real, or just there to show that it is not unanimous but rather a democratic act, shown by Mother Democracy herself.. America..

HasbunaAllah wa Nekmalwakeel...

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