Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Nail Keeper

Ok, so there was this nail keeper. He worked with an engineering company, a big one, where they have kilos and kilos and kilos of nails, which needed supervision. And he was happy to be trusted with the job. Wasn't that hard, keeping some nails and jotting down every piece which came in and out. Accidentally that day, he found that he brought back home with him a few nails, without realizing it. And no guard stopped him at the gate for bringing back home the nails, no harm was done. Anyway, what were a few nails compared to the hundreds and thousands kept in the store room? Soon the so-called accident, turned intentional. Every single day he'd bring back a few nails home, positively sure that they cause no harm, not to him, and not to the company. Every day he took not less than 5 nails with him.. what was there to a few nails? Finally, a year had pass. And the nails he brought back, some were used, others were given to his neighbours, while some just got lost. He had also overcome this bad habit of taking nails home for almost a month now. Maybe now and then when he needed them so much he'd take a nail or two. He was called to the director's office. Suprise suprise. He didn't know why, but it finally turned out that they had weigh the total kg of nails left. And they were short of 5 kilos. So where did this 5 kilos go? In the end, he had to pay for them, after all, he was in charge. 5 kilos of nails.
Our life is somewhat like the nail keeper's. Sometimes we take advantage of people without realizing it. And since Allah is Most Just, every advantage you took upon your friend, your partner, your neighbour, your children, you nieces, nephews, will all be recorded and in the end they'll be able to get back at you. It's way way better to repent now while we have the time, try patch things up and grant others their rights, before they ask for them on the very day you wish you had given everyone their rights for you to be able to go free.

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