Thursday, August 23, 2007

.:should've waken up earlier:.

Never have I encountered another worse day in my life as this one, and it was all my own fault. The day started off badly as I woke up a wee bit too late, missing a great clinical class given by Dr Ahmad Hamdy, which was supposed to be repeated. When? I don’t know, I had to call the centre. Ok. Fine. Then I was torn between going to lovely lovely communications course which would have cost me LE300, but I could have gone for free, over a lecture given by the head of department of Psychiatry for the upcoming exams, true enough I made a bad choice, I chose to go for the lecture, and kulluh kalam fadhi. Ok. Fine. Then I was torn (again!) between going for Dr. Usamah or Mostafa Hosny. If I wanted to go for Sheikh Mostafa, I could, by going for Dr Usamah in the afternoon, just after the meeting with the HOD. Or, I could go back home, study a little, and head for Usamah’s class, in the evening, at supposedly 7.30pm missing el-Sheikh’s class. Once again, I decided to take the wrong decision, went back home, studied two pennies’ worth and had a little nap, finally waking up for el-asr, then got ready to take off for Usamah’s class. But oh, it was 5.00pm and suddenly I remembered wanting to call the centre about Ahmad Hamdy’s lesson, is it today or is it tomorrow? And at what time? With my luck, just as I called, the class had just ended and I missed it. Ooh lala! I got myself ready for Usamah’s class, confident that I’m going to be early and get a good seat, took off and got there. As I paid the centre, I heard Dr Usamah’s voice lecturing away in the hall. Was I late? No. Not again. I entered, with 300 people looking at my face, most probably wondering, why in the world is this goof here at this hour? But since I didn’t know exactly when the class started I didn’t mind, I took my seat and opened the page, seems that I had miss somewhat 4 pages of the lecture. Great. Absolutely. Then, in about 10 minutes, ok 15, el-maghrib entered. And Dr Usamah said he’s going to take 5 more minutes. Yes, he usually does that, he talks for another 5,10 minutes and down we go for our prayers, then we will continue. 5 minutes were up and he stopped talking. For good. That was the end. Yup I came all the way. For a 15-minute lecture. Which I thought would have started after maghrib. But started at 6.30pm and ended at maghrib. So today I missed a whole lot of things, which were all so important. QadarAllah ma sha a fa al. And anyway it was my very own fault. Should’ve waken up earlier.

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