Saturday, March 22, 2008

rahmat Allah


Addunia kulluhu taab. Yes, life in this world is hectic. Too hectic. You have to strive for every single thing you want in this world, either good or bad. Allah says is the Holy Quran "innaka kadihun ila rabbika kadhan famulaqih.." Insyiqaq : 6.

For the sake of this world, most of mankind went through degrees of hardship. The Pharoahs strived to keep themselves in power. Rome was not built in one day. Donald Trump, as rich as he is, don't tell me he didn't go through sleepless nights to ensure his empire keeps growing.

And on the other hand, all Allah's messengers had to strive even harder to convince people that the world is not what they really want. It's jannah, Allah's paradise that we really are after. Rasulullah SAW, being the greatest man on earth was being mocked by his own people, and still is mocked at up till today by people who don't understand what life is really about. People who mocked him? They had to go through all that trouble, spent their time and energy and money, just for the sake of something which leads them to a doomed end.

Rasulullah went through sleepless nights, had to travel by foot under the hot scorching sun, went for wars, got beaten, to convince people to take up the right path. If Allah wanted, things could be easier, right? But no, this is the way of the world, "wa lan tajida li sunnatillah hi tabdila.." Nothing comes free of charge, you have to EARN it. That's the keyword, EARN.

Spreading Allah's word is not easy, but still between you and me, we have to do it, by hook or by crook (or by hanger). And if you think it's hard, many people are going through even harder times for this dunia, for this false worldly life, just to fulfill their temptations.. "fainnahum yaklamuna kama taklamun, wa tarjuna minnAllah ma la yarjun.." But unlike them, we are expecting something from Allah, something great and dear, worth all the hardship in the world! We are expecting Mardatillah and His Jannah.

And this is exactly why Allah created the world filled with hardship after hardship after hardship. To make us long for Jannah more and more, to make us dream of Jannah and work towards it. To make us visualize Jannah in our heads and look forward to it.

The world with it's winding roads still managed to grasp weak, feeble hearts, let alone if it's not. If the world is more relaxing for me and you, Jannah wouldn't sound dear to us, we wouldn't be striving for it. We would want to stay in this world forever.

Alhamdulillah tsumma Alhamdulillah tsumma Alhamdulillah ya Rabb for all the blessings. Allahumma tsabittna ala tareeq. ameen~


cianko said...


>hi...lama tk up-date ni.

>btw,keep on marching:p

ciKBat said...

uhuh, you are so right. i really need to be more motivated. saya akan cube! insyaAllah..