Friday, May 16, 2008

Practice what you preach..


Rasulullah is a preacher, daieyah ilallah. Why is he so successful? How come it led to the creation of an ideal state after only 23 years? Many many many secrets of success, and they are no secret. But i guess one thing which hits me most is that Rasulullah indulges in what he preaches first
before anyone else, he is more afraid of Jahannam than anyone else, and he is more in search for Jannah than anyone else.. Though Allah has already stated that whatever he did in the past or in the future is already being forgiven.

Reflect. I hope we are not just saying things which we don't mean. Or not just conveying for the sake of conveying. Walk don't talk. Wallahu alam.

p.s:- need to be more keen in updating this blog.. have tons to share..
Allah maako for the exams!!

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