Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Imam Malik.. singer wannabe?


yup, that was exactly what he told his mom. Imam Malik was a handsome boy, blond hair, blue eyes, fair skin. Maybe the typical boy-band look.

so what did the fair lady mom do? did she scold him and say, "haram alaik ya walad!!"? or did she say, "Matkharragish taaani!!!"? or did she say, "eih da, eih da, eih da??"? Nope, non of those words were uttered (not literally, i know they didn't know ammiya back then!). Being a great woman, she indeed had the tarbiyya skills sought after by many today. Action proved to be louder than words.

Aaliyah bint el-Syuraik took out a complete set of clothes, with the headgear and everything and put them on Imam Malik. then she put him in front of the mirror, with a notebook in his hand, made him look at himself so nobly, and said, "If you were to be an ugly singer, no one, not a single person would care to be around you. But look, look at you in this outfit, spreading the sunnah of Rasulullah..."

this was certainly more than enough for a bright boy like Imam Malik. from then on he started to learn more about his religion and become one of the greatest scholars of all times.

to think that we might have lost a great scholar, if not because of the intelligent step taken by this woman.

Imam Malik's father, Anas bin Malik, could have married just about anyone, but he chose Aaliyah. He died when Imam Malik was still a small kid, and yet he is getting every single thawwab Imam Malik gets. and that is for choosing what Allah wants, not just what he simply wanted.

Allah knows best!

p.s:-Mostafa Hosny's simply the best!! alhamdulillah, really, i thank Allah for giving me the chance to be there tonight. May the chance come again..

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