Monday, December 22, 2008

a night to remember..


yesterday was truly a night to remember.

BarakAllahu lakuma wa barakaAlaikuma wa jamaa bainakuma fil Jannah (Firdaus el-A'la!)

A very very very close friend of mine, Ukht Nik Nabihah Nik Rakami finally wrote the book, to conclude her marriage with Akh Mohd Siroj Al Afkar (betul ke ni?).. Alhamdulillah praise be to Allah, as he is the One who arranged all things, and all His arrangements are perfect.

It wouldn't be an overstatement if i said that the Majlis akad Nikah was Akad Nikah of the year. The surau was overwhelming with people all wanting to be part of the special ceremony, no one wanted to miss this oppurtunity.

So how and why did Nik attract that man people (mind you, this is not yet the wedding reception)..?

I guess the answer is clear to those living with her. For I myself, she is one friend everyone should have. Her sincerity, always wanting only the best for her friends is of no doubt. Words can not describe the ukhuwwah we had, for she was always willing to give and never to take.

Nik, may Allah bless you and your whole family, and may this marriage be a stepping stone to more wonders, then you have already done. Allahumma tsabbitna jamian, wansur ikhwanna fi kulli makan..

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