Monday, December 08, 2008



i'd like to share a really really really good read. "taxi" by khaled al khamissi. insyaAllah it's available on and i guess those in malaysia could just try to check out kinokuniya or mph or make a specialized order. while us here in egypt, it's simply everywhere. the issues brought up are a bit sensitive, but the writer's quite careful, as not to let himself get sued or thrown into prison for absolutely no reason. still, i guess the message got through.

meanwhile, cows, lambs, goats and camels are every where this raya eve. it is truly very noticeable that the economic turmoil has really hit the people. last year almost all the flocks brought from the village were sold out on Arafa Day, those who tried to get last minute lambs turned out not getting any lamb at all. but this year, the lambs are still flocking the streets, up to this day, waiting in vain for people to buy them for slaughter. budget must be really tight this year. Allah yuwasse'.


p/s:-insyaAllah i'll update the part i missed in Peristiwa Ifk.
p/s/s:-counting the days... two weeks before my beloved sister leaves egypt, a month before i end the endless six years of college life, one and a half months before my results will be displayed.. pray for me, sisters!


yosra hassan zaki said...

heyyy fatooom i read the book taxi its hilarious i couldnot leave it except after finishing it but i didnot know that it has an english translation its pretty cool although that the english books r really expensive here in egypt mmmm i noticed the thing abt the lambs that they r still wondering around in the streets till now the economic crisis is hitting everything i am really happy to check ur blog and i pray that we will all finish this year and go back to our families as soon as possible isa

ciKBat said...

salam yosra.. i guess ur my first egyptian friend to hit my blog. thanks for the comment. seriously, i LOVE egypt.. too much. has taught me life's lessons. may we all pass the exams with flying colours, insyaAllah.

yosra hassan said...

egypt is the best country for teaching lessons :D allah kareem :)