Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ya Salam.. But actually, the truth is, i'm not suprised.. why should i be? it is expected of him right, that's why he's the president. ma 'aleyna..

death tolls are climbing to 400, but still complete silence from the so called "world power".. the time has really come for us to open our eyes..

Indonesia, wow, the spirit.. What about Malaysia? where's Pak Lah's condemnation on this.. or like what Zainudin Mydin said when he came here, this is not our problem.. Birds of a feather flock together.

Some quotes for the day..

"The world looks at unarmed Palestinian people as though they are a nation with an army, as though we are equal to the Israelis ... but this is not true"

Majed, Gaza City

Haniff Azlan Shah at 4:04pm December 29

After this, maybe Israel's pre-condition to a truce will be the stopping of stones thrown at them.
(commenting on an article posted by Imran Idris on facebook)

This one suprised me (but of course, you can cheat most of people most of the time but not all the people, all the time..) :

"This cannot be the answer .... The more ammunition we throw at this, the more hatred there will be, and the less the chance for peace"

Lotahn, Jerusalem

and lastly.. go to where the real news is.. aljazeera.net/english


p/s:- Allahumma ya Zal Jalali wal Ezza, Anqiz Ikhwana fi Ghazza, Allahumma kun lahum 'Aunan wa Nasiiran.. Allahumma la yuraddu amruk wa la yuhzamu junduk, subhanaka wa bihamdik..


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