Tuesday, September 12, 2006

if only you knew.


our prophet Muhammed once said:

"O followers of Muhammad! By Allah, if you knew what I know, you would weep much and laugh little." [Sahih al-Bukhari, Vol. 8, #627]

a mother who has been living for 40yrs, would know more than her child who has just entered the teen-age era. therefore, she looks like she's always bossing her child around telling her what should and should not be done. but the fact is that she had gone through that part of life, and she really knows what's best for her child.

the reality, we seldom or never want to take heed until things had already happened. then we go on blaming fate for the bad luck, the atrocities, the losses that we have to put up with.

face it, it's easier to live in a world where there're guidelines in every thing you do.. you won't suffer much and in the end you'll wind up in Heaven.

i may not know as much as Rasulullah, but still, when i walk in the middle of the streets of kl and cairo, looking at all those muslim faces without the clothes they should be wearing, i always cry out to myself.. if only they knew. if only they knew how easy it is to just place the hijab on your head and get an eternal reward for it. if only they realize how easy life would be without having to care about whether you're a size 2 or a size 10, since everyone's dressing so modestly. if only they wake up to the fact that life's not about turning men on and catching men's eyes only. if only they knew.

but then again, reflecting upon myself, i see that it truely is hard for people to realize that life on this earth is so temporary. i myself have not been able to sacrifice for the true meaning of life. and that's because i have never been there. i have never been in real life before. this falsely world has successfully blinded my eyes from seeing the eternal reality.

Rasulullah has clearly paved for us the right path. all we have to do is to follow it. he had been there. he had seen the things that we only heard of, he had felt the things that we only thought of. he is like the old mother while we on the other hand, rebellious teenage daughters, always wanting to choose a different path. the day you followed your mother's advice, was the very day you made the right decision, wasn't it?

if only you and i knew.


falling-evenstar said...

salam kak battah~
nice writing..love it so much...
true, Islam is a beautiful religion with perfect guidelines to life~
thanks a lot for posting this...
I am sure that many people will find it useful~
c u soon!!

na_neen said...

thank you for posting this...
truly islam is the way of life...
c u sooN~

wani said...

salam battah..really nice entry.peringatan utk diri ini jugak:)thanx battah!!!

Anonymous said...

a good analogy. keep it up. -fadhilah-