Saturday, September 09, 2006



yesterday there was a gathering at my house, and alhamdulillah it went well. got back together with my old primary school friends. i think this is the third time in 10 years, we got back together on a formal basis. i mean, a sort of well organised gathering, with food and all. the first was in holiday villa, and the second was in pizza hut. in between, some of us met up at kedai mamak or other food places and we even had bola baling fights during our sekolah menengah era.

the gathering brought up memories and broke the ice which build up over the 10-year period. there were 14 of us, i myself, marini, nazifah, hana, raizil, suraya, shiow wei, evelyn, hui ling, huda, dennis, imran, kah foo and aaron. aaron had to leave early though since he had plans with his dad. ben shyen wasn't able to make it because now he is so committed with his church. he had something on yesterday. i'm glad to learn that he has become more religious, a 360 degrees' turn i'd say in comparison with the person he was 5-10 years ago.

most of us are still studying, most of my chinese friends took up accounting or economics or something related to commerce. wai kit, the genius of 6MJ is still the genius of his current university, being the top student there. some have already started working, namely dennis, shiow wei and kah foo. nazifah and huda both, insyAllah will graduate as qualified lawyers. imran's getting married just around the corner.

there have been lots of changes but yet marini is still the marini i knew 10 yrs ago, and so is nazifah and dennis and the rest of the gang. the only one who was totally different and had forgotten everything about sekolah rendah was kah foo.. heheh.. but he still remembers his deep passion towards batu seremban, a game budak sekolah zaman sekarang don't seem to play already.

to me the best thing about this gathering was that i was able to keep in touch with my non malay friends, whom i deeply appreciate, just as much as i appreciate and love my malay friends. and actually, to tell you the truth, although i live in a multicultural nation, because of the route of education i chose, i don't have that many non-malay pals, so i treasure those i knew during sekolah rendah so much. i'd love to collaborate with them in the near future and build a strong relationship for Malaysia to become a better place to live in. boy, i'm patriotic!

lots of love, battah.

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noor ANIAH azmi said...

Battah!! i never knew that you have a blog! i'll surely keep coming!