Monday, September 04, 2006

jom cegah jenayah!


Yesterday i went for a crime-fighting talk organized by Nisa', an NGO for moslemat. It was given by En. Kamal Affendi, and he was dead funny. The talk was not boring at all, the laughs that we had, but it ended in a very sad way, he showed us a video on the victims' families, what happened at the crime scene, the sadness of each family member upon receiving the news, everyone was in tears, including i myself. so girls, here are a few tips i learned from the talk:

RAGUT case:

1. Take the neccessary precautions and read do'a before leaving the house, bismillahi tawakkaltu 'alallah.

2. You have to put in mind that your LIFE is much much much more important than your handbag and whatever you have in it (even if it's the handphone you just bought an hour ago, or the only money you had in your bank which you had just withdrawn). They only want the bag, and they'll do whatever they can to get it. They don't really mean to kill you, but if that happens, than it's your own bad luck.

2. Bearing in mind that ANYONE can be a victim, choose a bag which could easily detach itself from the user and not vice versa. synthetic leather is better than genuine leather, hooks are better than tightly woven straps, ie cheap bags which fall apart easily suits you better in Malaysia than a Louis Vuitton. The Louis Vuitton may cost you both your money, and your life.

3. Try hard NOT to become a victim. Victim material : 1. Walk lenggang kangkong style 2. Not fully aware of her handbag's whereabouts, eg pushing the bag behind while putting things in the carboot 3. Lone ranger ie the probability that you are going to be the victim is 1 over 1 if you are the only person there, right? 4. Sweet and naive look (this look attracts both love-puppies and peragut) 5. carrying the handbag together with Dome's Twister, car keys, two other paperbags of just bought blouses and skirts, a bun from Rotiboy, and a scoop of the all time favourite jamoca almond fudge

4. Never walk alone and always be in places where there are many people. At least if there was a peragut, the chances that you might be the victim could be decreased.

5. Walk fast and be cautious, look around for any strange faces (differentiate a mat pit from a normal guy) and make sure they're far far away from you.

6. A bag with short straps is harder to snatch than long ones, but if it gets snatched, and it's a designer one, than it's a one way ticket to 6 feet underground. If you know what i mean. (Please look at #2.

He also talked about ROBBERS. You know, the people who come to you and say "money or your life~!"

The important basic is to make sure there's a way out from the situation since we do not want the robbery to get ugly and suddenly turn into a two in one thing, ie rape case.

1. If you are being robbed in the middle of nowhere, don't panic and look around before giving away your bag. Determine your running away direction and THROW the bag towards the opposite. While the robber's busy reaching out for the bag, RUUUUUUUUUUN!!!!!!!! (p.s/- don't throw the bag too far, the robber will turn to you instead. Throw it just so that he's a bit distracted.)

2. Be sure to put some of your cash and jewellery in the room nearest to the exit. When the robber asks for them, you can easily show them to him and at the same time give him room to leave the house. A robber will definitely choose to run with the loot. If he doesn't run, at least you can.

RAPE, this is the worst case scenario, nauzubillah minzalik.

1. Dress modestly. This is my personal tip. If you're a moslem, pls follow the moslem dress code. You're not being oppressed, it makes you look decent and nice, it lifts your dignity, it makes you free. Don't listen to what the westerners are telling you. I mean hello!!! They totally do not have the slightest bit of shame. Can you imagine a girl and a boy bathing in the same bathroom??? they're just nuts. If being free means having to show of your body just so that people appreciate you, than that's not being free. I can wear whatever i like and still have loads of friends and still be in the in crowd. Being free is being liked for what you are not just what you wear (or do not wear.. :>)

2. Dress modestly. Again?? Yup. Statistics show that the way the female dress turns the males on. Most men are animals, IF they do not practice their religion. But some animals are worse than others. The so-called better ones make dates, get to know the girl and then do whatever he likes. The worse kind never make any dates, jumps on you from behind and forces you to do what he wants.

3. This one comes from Mr Kamal. He told us to swear. Yes, as in the toot! And as loud as you can. And i think it's quite logical. But i thought of modifying it a bit. I mean, maybe shouting ALLLAHUAKBAR in a charging manner could produce the same psychological effect towards the rapist.

4. Next tip. Liquid Gas Solid. Can you guess what i'm talking about? I bet you, you cant. Unless, you've been listening to crime fighting lectures.

Liquid : emptying the bladder

Gas : emptying the bowel from gases

Solid : be my guess this time.. heh, yup you got that right, cleansing your bowel on the spot ie defecation. (kalau tak faham, pls, feel free to tanya)

Hrmm.. as gross as they sound, the LGS thing, they gross out the rapists too and this disturbs their "mood". I mean, logically no one would want to rape a girl who's pouring stool all over the place, right? And it's also a fact that when you are nervous, the gas you produce in your bowels is H2S, yessiree, rotten-egg smelling gas. Definitely a distraction!

Ok, so those are what i heard from En. Kamal. He has more tips, more analysis to share. He has his own tv show about crime fighting, every friday at 8.45pm on tv1, i think so. check the papers to be sure. You can also log on to, i think he writes there.

The tips discussed are not the solution to our problem, just a help, as the root is actually the lack of tarbiyyah or education which builds the human personality, instilling faith. Woe to Malaysia's education system which has created demoralized malaysians, totally westernized and ignorant about the true malaysian history and culture. The Malaysians living in the urbans are simply faithless, looking for fun and entertainment only. They work so that they could afford the extravagant life they live, partying all night and all weekend. The suburb Malaysians continue to be left behind, hardly a word of english do they understand, let alone having to study subjects in english, finally winding up taking subjects like perhutanan, per-this and per-that. Malaysians are unaware of the problems of the ummah, the brainwashing done by the zionists so that they could take control over our lives, our oil, our economy, our culture, our food. Now whatever we do is being dictated by the zionists. If you don't believe me, reflect upon your daily life. The music you listen to, the shampoo you use, the food you eat during lunch time, the candies you buy, the clothes you shop for, the cars you drive. Until the education system is changed, the crime rate's going to rise, and will never stop rising. Tips will stay tips and victims will increase. Thank you for spending your time reading this.

lots of love, battah.

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