Tuesday, September 05, 2006

this is mahmoud abbas. and beside him? a Murderer.
nobody, and i mean nobody-- makes peace agreements with a murderer.
these are the Soldiers. trained by Nasrullah.
filling their hearts, is deep faith.
Muslims ARE supposed to fight back.
Muslims ARE being oppressed by israel and the bush regime.
no, not all jews are bad. that's true.
we are fighting against the zionists, the ones who are turning this world into a satan haven.
the ones who are making people unaware of the purpose of creation.
the ones who have tried so hard all over the years, turning the rest of the world
into alcohol slaves, sex slaves, food and party slaves.
life is not just about having fun. and you know that.
but since everybody else is doing it, why not i?
so you say.
but then again, it's hard convincing people who are not convinced
that they're gonna live after they have died.
Yes, there's life called the afterlife. the Hereafter.
There, you are going to live for eternity.
And whether your eternal life is good, bad or ugly, is not for you to choose at that moment.
you choose it NOW. while you're still stepping on earth's ground.
not when you're already 6 feet under.
But you don't believe me, do you?
There are going to be Heaven and Hell.
Those who are good and have faith in Allah will go to heaven.
And those who are bad and do not have faith will go to hell.
I'm writing this for those who believe.
If you believe that there's an afterlife, and there are heaven and hell,
then, definitely there's a Creator.
you know, Someone who created the whole thing.
That Someone, must have created the world we live in today,
the earth, the moon, the stars, the sky,
the galaxy, the milky way, the shooting stars,
the clouds, the sun, the trees, the hills, the birds, the bees,
and trizillion others.
And He must also have created US.
And He must also have created the Afterlife, heaven and hell.
He lets us live on this earth.
So that we do what He wants us to.
In order to prosper.
And later on when we die, He will make us live for eternity
in a place where He gives us the luxuries
we have always wanted all our lives,
without having to strive for it.
In heaven, no working required, no payment needed, no credit card bills coming your way.
But you wear the silkiest silk, ride the fastest and chicest car, live in houses made of pure gold.
remember : i'm writing this for those who believe.
And when we don't do what He wants us to
and continuosly transgress the earth
creating problems
and more problems
spending extravagantly while others are striving only for a bite of anything
He will then give eternal life too.
But this time, in a place
burning hot
flaming hot
with all kinds of torture you could ever imagine
and even worse than your imagination.
So who goes to heaven and who goes to hell?
He decides.
He wants those who followed His orders.
And of course, He had written it (His orders) clearly in a book. The Book.
And also sent messengers. messengerS.
So it's only fair that, after giving the guidance
through His Book and His Messengers,
He chooses who He wants in His Heaven
and His hell.
The big question is. Who is He?
remember : i'm writing this for those who believe.
lotsa love, battah.


Laila said...

em...Allah lebih kasihkan hambanya yang kuat daripada hambanya yang lemah...

jalan mujahadah itu selalunya sunyi, tapi yakin dengan janji-Nya.. Allah beli segala pengorbanan kita dengan harga yang lebih besar..

sama-sama berdoa kita tetap atas jalan islam dan iman..amiiin

Jeff's Page said...
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