Monday, January 19, 2009

getting worse


things are getting worse, says who it can't? for instance, Barack Obama, is worse than Bush. I'm sure that many were expecting something different with Obama, and better. I mean, who can be worse that Bush, seriously? But hey, the world is full of surprises. And Obama being worse, is another expected surprise.

First of all, even before he was elected, he told the world of his undivided support to israel, he went to sderot, and he said that israel can never be without Jerusalem..

Then, the 24-day bombardment on Palestine, and he dare not say a thing. We'd think that he's too busy thnking about the economic mess Bush made. May be so, but he's inauguration doesn't really prove it. Costing more than USD150 mil, with a party around USD48 mil, it is doubtful that he cares about the sufferings Americans are going through just to make ends meet, the unpaid mortgages, the jobless graduates. Oh, and remember, he was actually on an all expense paid holiday in Hawaii during the first few days of the attack on Gaza.

I don't care about Obama, seriously i don't. I have never expected things will change for the better if he was up there. And they won't.

Things won't change with mere change of a person in the govt when the whole nation is still indoctrinated with false believes and life's illusions.

The only way to change the world is to know where you are headed. North-south-east-west.

I see a brighter future, Allah knows when. But it is there. not in Obama nor in any of the US presidents. but in us, if we head towards the right path, and fight hard for what we believe in. Allahu Ghayatuna, Wallahuakbar, walillahilhamd.



raudah yunus said...

Salam Battah,
Many thanks for writing the article though I beg to differ in some points: First, I agree that as muslims, we do not have to expect anything impressive or Islamic from Obama, or think that he is our saviour. But my personal opinion is that we cannot yet fully judge whether he is worse than Bush or anyone else. At least not yet. It may be true that he made statements against Palestine, but we have to consider the possibility of 'political statements' ,'tactics' and 'diplomacy' (from his perspective, of course)Moreover, was there anyone ever in American presidential history who dares to say that He will stop aggression against muslims? Never, I think. Besides, action speaks louder than words. There is still no proof in this case. Yes, he may not be the warrior who will save Palestine, but at least I believe he will try his best to save the American nation from the current economic turmoil and intellectual destitution they are in (whether he succeeds or not is another question),and this is something good. Not directly beneficial to us Malaysians or Palestinians, but good for Americans, including muslims there. And when I say Americans, we as muslims definitely do not have anything against them as a nation. Justice done on them (a failure of Bush) should be cherished by us. Why not? Because justice is part of Islam and every human being deserves it, no matter who they are.I also think that we should not label America as a whole as a bad nation, or a nation living in disbelief. There are many Americans who disagree with all the injustices done by the Bush gov. There are many Americans, muslims or non-muslims, who are not ignorant and do not live in disbelief. I believe the problem lies more in the foreign policy (plus some zionist lobbies). The people, on the other hand, are mostly merely deceived by the media and political propaganda. The Bush government indeed have done plenty of mistakes and committed sins, but to generalize the whole of America as a nation of disbelief is probably not the best thing to do.

ciKBat said...

Salam,raud,just d person i was waiting 4. Uhuh, i can say that i agree with u. Maybe i'm too sceptical n jump into conclusions b4 even giving the guy a chance. I guess the americans have v similar views to yours, and they're having their hopes up high that this particular pres is the change they've been waiting 4,which got them all excited. Kheir, we'll have to wait n see.

battah said...

salam raud, i can't stop thinking about this.. and i went through some books, finally i came up with a conclusion.. the fact is that if we really want to save america, we have to save it from itself.. whatever good he might do for the americans, it could easily be due to the manipulations by those "behind" him. ie, if the economy was to grow, it could easily be due to the manipulations by the capitalists who had in the first place made it go kaput. so in the end... with all the make up splashed on, things may look good.. but the americans are still the unenlightened americans, and thus nothing really improves, except for the illusions they were, are, and will still be in.. wallahua'lam..

raudah yunus said...

salam battah, thanks for the prompt reply.Yes, America is being used and that is one sad news for Americans, including the honest Americans who believe in justice and democracy.I don't know what to say or predict about its economy, though I have come across many 'hints' in different books that its economy and the nation itself is going to collapse some day soon.But what I am hoping for, honestly, is some sort of 'intellectual revolution' there where Islam will be supreme and embraced by all, despite all the propaganda. I believe that is not something impossible.And by the word 'intellect', I mean merely peaceful continuous intellectual efforts and not war. Do u think that's possible?? or am I being excessively & impractically positive? p/s btw, some people seem to interpret the hadith 'the sun will rise in the west' as Islam becoming supreme and dominant in the west. Wallahua'lam. But something I cannot deny: when I was in the UK, I saw more Islam there, than in the Islamic countries I have been to :(( and that's what triggers my mind.

raudah yunus said...

oh yeah, commenting on the issue of economy, as capitalism which is embraced by America has so many defects, it is doom to failure.And of course, any system that is not 100% in ageement with Islam can never sustain.When capitalism fails, I believe people will go to either : Islam or the socialist system. The enlightened will embrace the former and the ignorant will embrace the latter. Subhanallah, Islam is such a miracle that it has all the asnwers to our problems! p/s wondering if we can actually get to live during the times of Islam's victory..

mizstrawberry said...

k.battah, maybe k.raudah's comment can be put together in a new post in ur blog :) wut do u think?