Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Not so handicapped.


yes, we are still doing our routine chores, while Gaza is being invaded. life goes on, people say.

the fact is that, life does go on, and we are supposed to go on with our daily life, but most importantly, WE MUST NEVER FORGET ABOUT THEM. never ever.

there's not so much anyone can do right now. Egypt still won't open the crossing freely, for fear of a war between it and israel.

my doctor told me, yesterday in the morning, he was having fun, talking to the kids about the recent exams, making jokes. he went back home, switched on the tv set. and sat down with his wife crying their heart out. three schools were bombed. schools where the palestinians seek refuge.

today, he woke up once more, for another day with his students. the jokes, the laughter. but in his heart, the plight of the people of gaza was there. as he joked around, he didn't forget to remind us about what was happening there. he reminded us again and again and again.

a student asked, "so what can we do?"


"Y' know what? Seriously, I don' know what we can do. But right now, coming deep from my heart, I see that what you can do is become good doctors."

He had a message to convey. In our position, whoever we are, what ever that is we are doing, we have to give it our best shot. And most importantly, we need to know why. "why is it that i'm doing this?"

Right now, the people of gaza need us, so badly. they need our remembrance, so that we don't stop praying for them, we don't stop reciting the quran for them, we don't stop our zikr for them. Little do we know that when our hearts are there with them, we are actually fighting, giving them moral support, giving them spiritual support. And that is what they need. In return, they are willing to sacrifice everything that they have to protect us, the rest of the muslim nations with their on-going resistance.

let us read sura al-fath and try to understand its meanings as it describes the war between the muslims and the jews during Rasulullah's time. hopefully by reciting and understanding it, we will get more involved with the palestinian issue, which is definitely OUR issue.

brothers and sisters, prayers, prayers, prayers, and more prayers. yes, we should go on with our daily life, but we shouldn't act as if nothing's going on over there. if we do, it's like we're baking in the kitchen while our brother is being shot by a robber just in the living room.

get involved, demos, writings, readings, status messages, facebook status, whatever. use all the means that you can to get involve and get other people involved too..

May Allah bless us all, and may Palestine be free in the very near future..

Allahumansurna, Allahumansur ikhwanana, Allahumansur da'watana wa barik a'malana wa fika raja-ana....

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