Thursday, January 15, 2009

hurrah to inhumanity

Obama's team backs Israel

Meanwhile, hopes in the Arab world that the incoming US administration under Barack Obama will bring about substantial change to US policy on the Middle East took a hit on Thursday.

Livni is expected to press the US to help stop the flow of arms to Hamas [EPA]
Several of the president-elect's nominees for his national security team were on Capitol Hill for their confirmation hearings and Susan Rice, nominated to be the US ambassador to the UN, made it clear that she was committed to defending Israel.

While saying "we are also gravely concerned now about the suffering of innocents in Gaza", Rice also said that many had tried "to use the UN wilfully and unfairly to condemn our ally, Israel".

Rice's defence of Israel came on the day the Israeli army shelled the main UN compound in Gaza and the president of the UN General Assembly accused Israel of violating international law with its war on Gaza.

p.s:- pity the americans.. from top to bottom, they're actually victims of zionists. they're being used. they're paying the taxes, to ensure that the people who back israel would be in power, and end up paying more taxes, to support the apartheid state of israel.. which in turn controls the congress, and ensures that the president is pro israel, who enforces more tax on the people to support the gangster state israel.. and the circle goes round and round and round..

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