Sunday, January 04, 2009

so near yet so far


people, the least we could do is "nashr ad-dakwah". spread the word. this is definitely the least we could do.

seriously, though i'm in egypt, which is one of the 6 borders of Palestine, where Rafah is the only way out for the Palestinians (or in), i don't feel like i'm nearer to it more than in Malaysia. sad but true.

it just so happen that today, my sister came back from school telling me about how a girl was giving an encouraging speech on Palestine and what was happening right now after their jamaah prayers, and suddenly, one of the teachers stood up and said, "What are you talking about?? Sit down right this instance!"

the teacher suddenly went on how the were not supposed to talk about this since they're not doing anything, just talking, nothing else.

and then another teacher said that it's not important for them to discuss, we can't do anything by discussing about it.

i was shocked. to think that my sister was sent to an islamic school in Egypt, and not being able to talk about one of the most crucial issues in the life of a muslim, the Palestinian issue. and to think that the teacher said that it was not important for them to discuss it.

Regardless. maybe it's true that they can't do anything just by talking about it. maybe not in terms of military action, no. but what is expected of these kids is for them to understand the issue. understand and feel the plight of their fellow muslims. understand that Palestine is OUR land. and they're trying to take it away from us, bit by bit. and the resistance that's going on today to protect that small piece of what's left of Palestine is actually for us, for the rest of the muslim world.

and no understanding of that sort could have happened if everyone just kept quiet about the issue. Kids need to be taught, of what's really important in life. what issues should they be focusing on, not just the greatest new look, bags, hair, clothes...

actually the past few days, before today, my sister was discussing the Palestinian issue with her friends and quite openly too. and they gave a positive response. she managed to convince them to boycott the israeli products sold in their canteen. most of them were discussing martyrdom, how they'd love to go fight there, if given the chance. maybe this is just kids' talk. but hey, where do you find kids who are willing to focus on real issues today? muslim kids are like that, they're trained since they were first detected by the sonar (even before that), to live for islam. they live with a mission to accomplish. (this is what the Godless people don't want to happen to our kids!)

like i said, before this they WERE discussing the issue. why the sudden change of behavior by the school staff?

so near yet so far, that's just it. the people here are prevented by saying what they really want to say. they have to swallow each and every word.

it's bad enough that you can't take action. Or that those who can (HM and the gang), don't. worse still, you can't even open your mouth to speak or even squeak.

silence. silence. silence. just perfect silence. while our brothers and sisters are being slaughtered alive. then bombard our brains with fake facts from CNN and the rest of the family.

no people. now is not the time for silence. spread the word. even if this is the only thing we could do. spread the word.

who knows that the word you spoke may have been the reason for someone to go there, and martyr. who knows.

Hasbuna Allah wa ne'mal wakeel.


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